Saturday 24th March 315 Lots Starting At 9.30am

 "Collectors Sale"

 Lot 1 Mercedes Sprinter 2005 308 CDI MWB, MOT Sept 2018. FP55 BKY (Viewing on Saturday 24th 8.00am - 9.30am only)

Lot 2 Vauxhall Meriva Breeze 2005

Lot 2A Shoprider Mobilty Scooter

Coins, Collectables, Watches, Jewellery, Ephemera, Vinyl, Books, Metals, China, Glass, Pottery, Furniture Old & New, Household Effects, Superb Large Brass Horse and Jockeys, Tools, Mirrors, Guitars

  Viewing Friday 23rd March 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Sale Day.

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1.         Mercedes Sprinter 308 CDi van, 2148 CC, registered 2/11/2005, white, FP55BKY, MOT Sept 2018

2.         Vauxhall Meriva Breeze, 1364 CC, registered 23/6/2005, BD05HWP, MOT 27 March 2018

2A          Shoprider mobility scooter with charger, manual and key

3.         Quantity of foreign coins - list provided

4.         Quantity of GB coins - list provided

5.         1929 2.5 Guilder and a 100 Ptas coin in wooden box

6.         Various foreign banknotes (not mint) - list provided

7.         Large quantity of GB coins, mostly pennies and threepenny bits with a tin of pennies

8.         Collection of Edwardian and Wartime postcards, including Leicester scenes

9.         Large tub of old buttons and several silk hankies

10.       Jewellery box with costume jewellery, St Christophers etc and an ornate metal ladies belt

11.       Small collection of old badges including military

12.       Quantity of collectables - pendants, fobs, thimbles etc with a small box of clock keys

13.       4 ladies watches (including Accurist and Rotary dress watches), a stopwatch A/F and a converter

14.       Practical Wireless mini toolkit and Oxford Mathematical Instruments set

15.       Hallmarked silver items - pepper pot, 2 blue glass linen pots, lidded salt

16.       "Rolex" and "Breitling" style gents watches and a ladies "Tag" style watch

17.       2 cold painted bronze figures - Bulldog and Kingfisher

18.       Large tub of watches, lighters, part silver buckle and ring etc

18A.    Oris, Timex and Alpen gents wristwatches

19.       Collection of costume jewellery etc (all on our black tray) including pearls, marcasite, stick pins, brooches

20.       Cameo brooch, cameo ring and one other

21.       Various pieces of silver jewellery with a nice Robin brooch

22.       Various pieces of silver jewellery

23.       Various pieces of gold and scrap jewellery

24.       White metal jewellery box and contents (brooches, penknives etc) and some coins

25.       Small quantity of coins etc in old tin

26.       Small quantity of modern military cloth badges

27.       Cash tin and other tin of old pennies

28.       Quantity of miniature clocks

29.       Early remote controlled Chimp on roller skates toy

30.       Quantity of assorted costume jewellery

31.       Glass tray of modern lead soldiers on horseback etc

32.       Box of assorted 45s

33.       Basket of assorted 45s including Beatles

34.       Box of assorted 45s

35.       2 cases of assorted 45s

36.       2 cases of assorted 45s

37.       Box of assorted 45s

38.       Box of assorted 45s

39.       Case of 45s and 2 boxes of 78s

40.       3 cases of LPs

41.       Crate of 45s

42.       4 designer wristwatches

43.       2 wristwatches masquerading as Rolex

44.       Superb French gilt carriage clock with porcelain face and key - Paris

45.       Clarice Cliff dish

46.       Clockwork train and 3 wagons

47.       2 surveyors tapes and a spirit level

48.       Boxed stylophone

49.       Herend of Hungary Hussar figure, handpainted, 15" high - Unfortunately A/F

50.       Tin plate jack in a box clown

51.       Tin plate Peter Pan Speller Quiz and various tins

52.       Quantity of paperweights

53.       Tray of various figures and a Roman chariot

54.       6 ornate clocks

55.       2 ceramic fruit displays

56.       2 painted metal Arab figures

57.       Leicester Regiment plaques x 2, Air Force plaque and a soldier figure

58.       4 Capodimonte figures

59.       Pair of small Oriental style ceramic stools

60.       Lustre urn, rocking horse, tiger stand etc

61.       Stamp album, tin of ephemera and ornate box with keys

62.       3 clocks (2 gilt and 1 glass)

63.       Tray of mixed ceramic ornaments and glass orchid display

64.       Oak barometer and 50s mantel clock, fire grate

65.       Glass and other animals, model ships etc

66.       2 tea sets - Royal Albert and Chapman china

67.       Large quantity of 1970s Midwinter tableware

68.       Poole dish, decorative china etc (2 boxes)

69.       Mamod steam engine

70.       Small quantity of boxed Corgi vehicles and Rigi boxed cable car

71.       2 large brass nozzles

72.       Aynsley coffee set, 2 glass vases, onyx boxes

73.       Two 19th century mahogany work boxes

74.       Old pine Teachers whiskey box with good interior

75.       Two brass column lamps

76.       22 ceramic historical military figures

77.       Tray of modern tea ware - Royal Albert etc

78.       Large Denby vase and 3 Scottish pottery pieces

79.       3 boxes of mixed books - animal keeping, history, churchyards, biography etc

80.       Box of books on the Boer War

81.       Copy of Arthur Conan Doyle's The Great Boer War, 1900, first edition second impression

82.       With The Flag To Pretoria, 2 volumes, 1900

83.       The Black And White Budget, 4 volumes

84.       South Africa And The Transvaal War, 8 volumes

85.       Cassell's Illustrated History Of The Boer War

86.       The War In Egypt And The Sudan, 2 volumes, and various books on General Gordon

87.       Box of military books

88.       Small quantity of books on Leicester, Staffs Regiments and a small book on Highland Light Infantry

89.       Box of books on medals, badges and coins

90.       Handbook on British Colonies 1906 and Hayden's Dictionary of Dates 1898

91.       Mrs Fielding Johnson's Glimpses of Ancient Leicester 1906 and other local books

92.       Box of travel, history, topography and a box of engineering books

93.       Antique typewriter - The Oliver Standard Visible Typewriter No 5

94.       Old collectables - mincer, spirit level, door knocker, candlesticks etc

95.       2 old cased cutlery sets

96.       Small quantity of Polish wartime ephemera

97.       Framed photograph of a 1930s racing car and a 1950s Morris Motors photograph album

98.       Brown rotary dial telephone

99.       Leather suitcase containing stamp collection, tea cards etc

100.    2 Mrs Beetons cookery books

101.    Good quantity of blue & white Royal Crown Derby dinner ware

102.    Royal Doulton Mindin part dinner service

103.    Cased fish servers and fish cutlery, cake forks etc

104.    Splendid mahogany canteen of cutlery

105.    Cut glass jug and 6 tumblers

106.    Good shaped silver plate tureen and odd cutlery

107.    Early 20th century cigarette card album

108.    2 boxes of cut and other glass, Crown Devon jug, Wedgwood teapot etc

109.    Shelley china tea set "Wild Flowers"

110.    Silver plate tray and a box of various plated items

111.    Minton trio, Shelley cup & saucer, Coalport, Royal Doulton and Royal Albert cups & saucers, 2 Spode and 3               Masons plates

112.    Chafing dish on 4 feet, cut glass and plated biscuit barrel and serving pot

113.    Circular silver plate tray and 3 piece Viners plate tea service

114.    Decorative plates, Poole cup & saucer, Wedgwood plates etc

115.    Old glass bottles, jelly mould, stone bottle, mini sewing machine etc

116.    2 handled silver plate tray, marvellous brass candle holder in the form of an angel on pedestal and other   brass candle holders

117.    Box of ceramic pomander balls and a framed map of England

118.    Clock faces, stone bottle, coffee pot etc

119.    Box of ephemera and a religious book

120.    Box of men's clothing - underware, t-shirts, gillet, gloves, sandals etc

121.    Jones cased electric sewing machine and Imperial typewriter

122.    2 dolls, cased game set, jigsaw puzzle and Brownie folding camera

123.    Plated dish, 2 condiment sets, napkin ring, 2 vesta cases

124.    Star Wars 24 page read along book and 45 record

125.    Quantity of Greek black & gilt vases and others including Rumtopf

126.    Golfer door stop, copper coal bin, brassware and table top embossed with old pennies

127.    Praktica camera, one other and mobile phones

128.    Derby horseracing game of chance

129.    Glass vases, bowls, centrepiece etc

130.    Quantity of wooden items - jewellery chests, carved bowls, figure etc

131.    6 boxes of books, pictures and misc

132.    2 boxes of glassware and misc including bag of curtains

133.    Large box of LPs

134.    2 boxes of kitchen items including pans, electricals and general household

135.    Quantity of boxed picture plates

136.    4 boxes of DVDs and CDs

137.    Train track, locomotives, carriages etc

138.    Singer treadle sewing machine base

139.    Box of model vehicles

140.    Cased violin and bow

141.    Case containing Praktica camera and one other, manuals, slide projector, film editor and tripod

142.    Kansas acoustic guitar

143.    "The Michigan" acoustic guitar and canvas case

144.    Squire Stratocaster Fender electric guitar with canvas case

145.    Marlin Sidewinder electric guitar

146.    Line 6 amplifier and microphone stand

147.    Cased clarinet and cased stringed instrument

148.    Cased clarinet

149.    Cased silver plate clarinet by Lewin Bros USA with pearl keys

150.    Crate of Dandy and other weekly comics

151.    2 boxes of various books - cars, plays, maps, Cambridge etc with a box of tools, misc, pair of boots

152.    Cased bowls set, leather Gladstone bag and other bags

153.    Box of assorted books

154.    Assorted framed pictures and canvas

155.    Quantity of assorted cushions and throws

156.    2 metal painted figures of The Sioux tribe

157.    3 Juliana Collection figures and one other of Native Americans

158.    The Leonardo Collection figures "Sitting Bull" and "Moonshine" (1 A/F)

159.    Heroes of The Prairie book, 3 framed pictures and a tray of Red Indian figures

160.    4 brass and copper hunting horns

161.    Pair of ornate metal wall sconces with beveled mirror centres

162.    Pair of 3 branch candle holders on tripod hoofed feet, adorned with seated mouse to top

163.    Large pair of brass Horse & Jockeys on base

164.    Bells Whiskey "Princess Beatrix" decanter in box and large handbell

165.    Framed print "Weighing at Yarmouth Races" (from a drawing by J W Winter Esq)

166.    Framed oil in relief on canvas, artist unknown

167.    2 oak framed photographs

168.    Pair of stone painted Griffins

169.    Mahogany circular wall clock (incomplete)

170.    Silver top walking cane and 2 others

171.    Mahogany and walnut inlaid regulator clock

172.    Oak upstairs banjo barometer

173.    Modern wall clock, table lamp with dog base and one other

174.    2 ornate swords and a pistol

175.    Mahogany shelf clock with column supports

176.    2 bags of costume jewellery

177.    Small quantity of LPs

178.    Cased tattoo kit and related book

179.    Bundle of various walking sticks including ram's horn handle

180.    Modern oak 15 drawer graduated chest - 6, 5, 4 drawers

181.    7 pieces of West German pottery

182.    Kenyon's patent Serilight lens lamp converted to electric

183.    Pair of gilt framed Alvaro Peppoloni limited edition prints with certificates - Apples and Oranges

184.    2 Parisian scenes and 2 gilt framed rural scenes

185.    Set of steel "Regal" golf clubs in bag

186.    Reel of rope cabling

187.    Cased typewriter and a projector

188.    2 boxes of as new melon slicers

189.    Gas mask, flying goggles, ornate Eastern sword etc

190.    3 boxes of framed pictures (large quantity)

191.    Sharp typewriter, wooden boxes and 2 boxes of glass and misc

192.    Kitchen utensils, Denby pottery etc

193.    Box and basket of assorted books

194.    Quantity of LPs (not crate)

195.    2 boxes and 2 bags of books on a multitude of subjects ranging from sport to war etc.

196.    4 boxes of books on Leicestershire, cookery, Geography and 'A Journey' by Tony Blair

197.    Tin travelling trunk

198.    Oversized playing cards, crutches, sporting goods etc.

199.    Kenwood electronic mixer

200.    Miniature oak cupboard and letter rack

201.    Modern shelf unit, matching 2 drawer pedestal and 1 other

202.    Miniature 18 drawer chest

203.    Die cast model planes and related picture

204.    Oak framed beaded panel and 2 framed pictures of tropical birds

205.    Large framed print fantasy scene

206.    Butlers tray on stand, wooden box, tray etc

207.    2 drain hoppers and hanging baskets

208.    20' telescopic aluminium flag pole

209.    2 1950s step stools

210.    2 boxes of sea shells

211.    Qualcast Suffolk Punch 43S petrol lawn mower

212.    Aluminium double extending ladder

213.    Zanussi 4 ring gas cooker

214.    3 drawer freezer Passed Safety Test

215.    2 folding hardwood garden chairs, 2 tables and pair of patio chairs

216.    Half shop mannequin

217.    Bosch Rotak 370ER lawn mower

218.    Garden tools, paste board etc

219.    Box of assorted pictures and prints

220.    Quantity of mainly modern prints

221.    Oval framed mirror and gilt framed mirror

222.    Small oak open bookcase

223.    Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror

224.    Low mahogany open bookcase

225.    Mahogany bureau

226.    Oak linen fold bureau

227.    2 Vernon Ward prints, still life, mirror and 1 other

228.    7 old metal ammo boxes

229.    Oil filled radiator, inspection light, tools, cleaner etc

230.    Mantel clock, glass fish, brownie camera and model planes

231.    Pair of hand operated press punches

232.    Large copper jug

233.    Uplighter and 2 angle poise lamps

234.    Days folding walking aid

235.    Ornate twin weight wall clock with brass decoration

236.    Wall clock and cased dartboard

237.    Wooden boxes and tins

238.    Stone lamp base and 1950s plastic stool

239.    Bakelite rotary dial telephone

240.    Gasoline chainsaw A/F

241.    Zennox hifi music system with remote

242.    Box of wood planes, 2 blow lamps and dolly punch

243.    Box of tools including drills, box of light bulbs etc

244.    Trolley jack, 3 metal tool boxes and contents

245.    Crate of spanners, nails etc (not crate)

246.    Mahogany dressing table mirror

247.    Oriental vase A/F

248.    Small carved oak court cupboard

249.    Carved satinwood single mirrored door wardrobe

250.    Large pine triple glazed door kitchen dresser with 3 drawers and cupboards below

251.    Nest of 3 oak tables and half moon table

252.    Carved mahogany nest of 3 tables and 1 other

253.    Modern mahogany dining table 6'11" x 3'

254.    Modern mahogany sideboard with 10 drawers and cupboard below

255.    Oak drawer leaf dining table on bulbous supports and 5 matching oak and hide dining chairs

256.    Box of Le Creuset ware

257.    HMV radiogram

258.    Box of stainless steel kitchenware including slow cooker

259.    Oak 2 tier barley twist leg side table

260.    Quantity of lawn bowls with carry bags

261.    2 folding display tables and 1 other

262.    Small pine rectangular 2 tier coffee table

263.    Large Thakat lift up top 2 handled metal bound blanket box with key

264.    3 folding bookcases

265.    Lightwood corner unit supplied by Hopewells Furniture

266.    Grey metal 4 drawer lockable filing cabinet

267.    Good quantity of wicker ware, tray and wooden box

268.    Car boy, very large blue and white lidded jar and 4 large vases

269.    Umbrella jar, 6 large colourful vases and planters and a stand

270.    Cased circular saw, mitre saw and jigsaw

271.    8 stone bollards

272.    Modern patio set - Metal framed circular table and 2 matching chairs with wood top and seating

273.    Quantity of framed pictures and photographs etc

274.    Carved wooden plaque, miniature chest of drawers and other wooden items

275.    Mahogany dressing table mirror and pipe rack

276.    Box of tins, box of playing cards etc

277.    Nest of 3 brass bound tables with atlas tops

278.    Small wooden box and bookshelf

279.    Folder of maps and carry case

280.    Stag C Range dressing table and matching chest of drawers

281.    Modern tallboy

282.    Low drop leaf tea table with tile inserts

283.    Dark mahogany dressing table

284.    Oak linen fold 3 piece suite bedroom suite

285.    2 boxes of glassware, lamp, clock, storage jars, lidded jars etc and a table

286.    C Wood & Son cased wall clock and a framed pen and ink drawing 1980

287.    Sansui amplifier and pair of Sansui speakers

288.    Small pine drop leaf table and magazine table

289.    Drive folding walking aid

290.    Large mahogany framed wall mirror and 1 other

291.    2 mirrors, 2 modern art pictures and 2 wall hangings

292.    Quantity of childrens annuals

293.    Quantity of M&S Penberton tableware

294.    4 Villeroy & Boch cake plates with mugs and spoons

295.    VR Aizbo glasses

296.    Wooden over mantel mirror with slatted doors

297.    Scotts Evengreen spreader

298.    Beige 3 seater sofa with scatter cushions

299.    Mahogany framed wingback open armchair

300.    3 woven bedroom chairs

301.    Pair of Edwardian dining chairs

302.    Pair of black swivel operators chairs

303.    Edwardian inlaid chair with tapestry seat

304.    Pair of chrome revolving seat bar stools

305.    Duke Ellington platinum disc framed and a framed caricature

306.    Distressed leather armchair

307.    Thakat slim cupboard with 3 drawers

308.    Light oak kitchen unit with 2 drawers and under tiers with baskets

309.    Light oak 3 drawer unit with under tier

310.    Exodus Bike Rack, lacking key

311.    3 assorted stools

312.    Victorian writing box A/F containing pencils, small brass framed mirror, pictures

313.    1920s oak framed dining chair


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