“Timed Internet Auction”

  26th February - 1st March

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     It will start at 9.00am on Friday 26th February, Please submit your bids (via email) no later than 9.00am on Monday 1st March. Bidding Closed, Results Below. Successful bidders will be informed by 1.00pm on Monday 1st March

      Please quote your Bidding number when emailing your bids, if you have not got a bidding number, or have forgotten it, simply email your details (full name, address etc) and we can register you. Your details will not be shared with any third parties. Our Terms & Conditions apply (see below).

     Each Lot is catalogued in detail, with multiple images at request (via email & WhatsApp) and further information on the condition of the Lots is available

      Buyers Premium is 20% including VAT and applies to all Lots (subject to a minimum of £1.50 Per Lot).

       Three hours or so after All Bidding has ended your invoice will be emailed directly (pdf file). Payment by Debit Card over the phone, or Bank Transfer (bank details sent with invoices). Cash on collection.

        Timed auctions don’t have an auctioneer calling the bids – there’s just a bidding window and whoever bids highest during it wins. Bids to be submitted via email only. Each Lot can be bid on for a defined time period (see above). At the end of this period, the bidder who has submitted the highest bid wins the Lot, provided the bid exceeds the reserve price.

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      There will be a “Bids Received List” for this sale, the information will be uploaded throughout the duration of the sale with the last update at 8.55am on Monday. So you have the option of resubmitting a higher bid. The highest bidder pays the price they submitted.

       After The Auction There Are 3 Ways To Receive Your Goods.

        We can Post & Pack where possible (please contact us in advance regarding an estimated P&P cost). Delivery Service Available within a 20 mile radius (charges applicable).  

    Contact-Free Collection Point – Click & Collect From Our Car Park

      In the event that we receive 2 bids of equal value the first in time will take precedence. The minimum bid acceptable is £5. Whole Pounds Please. You can request an incremental increase with your bids. If you are not contacted your bid has not been successful.

        If you have any queries please do feel free to email us on info@churchgateauctions.co.uk or call 0116 287 4856/07964 264372 - We will be pleased to hear from you.

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1.         A quite superb hallmarked silver (London 1912) twin-handled Golfing trophy with ornate swags, leaves and grapes etc and gilded interior on wooden base adorned with silver plaques depicting previous winners - weight without base is 108 oz Final Bid £3000

2.         Two handled hallmarked silver Golfing trophy - 12.43m oz £210

3.         Hallmarked silver (London 1959) Golfer on stand with named winners on silver plaques (London 1960) £250

4.         Oval silver plate tray 16" x 13" and a silver on copper 12" salver on 3 ball & claw feet - engraved in centre £27

5.         Mema, Sweden EP brass grape scissors, another poorer pair, EP fruit spoon, 3 mother of pearl knife rests and 2 hallmarked silver serviette rings 1.5 oz £28

6.         4 EPNS serviette rings supported by ostrich and kangaroo on leaf bases stamped "Made in Australia" plus 2 knife rests (that part being a boomerang) with a kangaroo on leaf bases £45

7.         Pair of 13" high heavy mirror-like polished silver plate candlesticks by GTS Sambonet, Italy £55

8.         Seiko Quartz Sports 100 vintage 802051 watch with original strap £59

9.         Enicar automatic Sherpa Super Divette vintage watch, working order, glass scratched £130

10.       Ex War Dept top-wound pocketwatch, coloured numerals, back plate with military numeral scratched £40

11.       Undoubtedly gold ring (7.9 gms) with a pair of diamonds, bark finish, an attractive ring £150

12.       9ct gold ring - lozenge shaped stones set in 4 bands of alternating 4 stone lines £51

13.       9ct gold dress ring (3.1 gms) - cluster shape with small diamond surrounded by a lower tier of 10 blue stones £52

14.       9ct gold ring (1.3 gms) - small diamond and sapphire cluster £70

15.       925 silver ring - centre garnet and marcasite, attractive £15

16.       Oval Tiger eye set in silver ring £18

17.       925 silver Moonstone ring £18

18.       2 silver rings - one with teardrop shape stone and one with twin petal 5 branch flowers £20

19.       18ct white gold (2.8 gms) 7 stone ring (4 small rubies and 3 even smaller diamonds) £140

20.       9ct gold (1.5 gms) 5 garnet ring £50

21.       3 stone dress ring - hallmark indiscernible £30

22.       9ct gold ring (12.3 gms) £165

23.       3 incredibly early coins - Judean Ae Lepton 103 - 76 BC with identification slip, 2 x First Century Ae Tetradrachm (Soter Megas, Ancient Greek coins 80-100 AD of the Indo-Scythians) and a Mughal Empire 1635-1650 silver coin £35

24.       Copy of Philip Ziegler's "The Black Death" 1995 reprint, illustrated. A fine copy in dust jacket - detailed study of the relentless 1347/8 epidemic £6

25.       Oil on board of an early Dutch canal scene with windmill, sailing boat and figures in European pine swept frame 8" x 6" - a well executed work £70

26.       Box of 26 books on Railways - decent mixed Lot £22

27.       10 works on Railways - Stanier Locomotives, Diary of Thomas Baron, Stockton & Darlington etc £10

28.       5 good works on Railways - Turbomotive Staniers, Banbury & Cheltenham, Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate etc £8

29.       Various Railway booklets - Metropolitan District, Banbury to Verney etc £17

30.       Box of 24 books on Railways - good mixed Lot £17

31.       Northampton Railways - Cohens Northamptonshire Railways Graveyard 2018, Nene Valley, Blisworth Hill, Rushden etc £23

32.       The Foxton Inclined Plane & 4 works on Stamford Railways £8

33.       Welsh Railways - large work on The Ffestiniog Railway & 8 magazines, 2 volumes on Narrow Gauge In North Caenarvonshire, 1981, The Vale of Rheidol Railway etc £15

34.       2 boxes of C1960 good black & white photographs of trains, 2 of traction engines & some views. An interesting Lot £29

35.       Box of photographs, some railways but mainly Welsh views, sorted into sections £5

36.       4 old model trains including a French "Modele Depose" Ref 843/E, & 3 tanker wagons £31

37.       3 books on aircraft - De Haviland Enterprises, 100 years of Aviation & Complete Book of Fighters £6

38.       Small 1950s oak school desk (homemade) £7

39.       39 old style Ladybird books all in very good condition £32

40.       27 x 1970s children's annuals - Cor!!, Blue Peter, Tom & Jerry, Monster Fun etc, all in decent condition £8

41.       Box of 1960s/70s children's books, mostly good condition - see photo £8

42.       7 old children's books - Teddy Tail's Annual 1936, Happy Times, Panda in Wonderland etc in decent condition and 3 others in poor condition - Uncle Oojah's Annual, Dicky Duck and Misfortunes of Sophy £8

43.       Box of play-worn toys including Texas Kid Pistol, Playskool boat Matchbox Launcher set, all well used and a quantity of games in similar condition £11

44.       Wooden box with good "Rileys", old plastic animals and odds together with a colourful felt squirrel, teddy bear, panda, Sooty puppet (some needing a wash) £6

45.       1960s toddler's rocking horse/chair £5

46.       Quantity of model vehicles £9

47.       Large quantity of 1980s schoolboy's exercise books, projects and general classwork together with 3 boxes of sheet music £5

48.       An old Clarke 6" 150mm bench grinder and instruction manual £15

49.       3 German Rumtopfs £10

50.       Good 20cm high Beswick Beneagles Scotch whiskey Osprey decanter modelled by D. Lyttleton 1977, empty £10

51.       3 vintage glass fruit bowls, brown glass flagon with metal handle and 2 other pieces £5

52.       Penrith handcrafted porcelain bird, 3 others, ceramic cat head, 3 vases and a small Moorcroft style vase £7

53.       Pair of 19cm high German (289-18) vases £12

54.       Collection of 11 handpainted milk glass vases in various sizes, 4 A/F £7

55.       Chris Bonninton signature - a limited edition print of Mount Cook in New Zealand taken and signed by him, in a folder £8

56.       Crate of odds - 3 tins, copper and oak Highland cattle plaque, metal stand, pots etc £6

57.       Quantity of unframed prints - 8 Halifax bombers, 8 various horses, 6 birds and butterflies etc £8

58.       Boxed desk lamp and a 1940s oak magazine rack £12

59.       A boxed Eumig P8 Automatic projector £11

60.       2 small copper top games tables and a gilt Chinese style chess set (a few pieces chipped) £23

61.       Cuckoo clock in wood and plastic, a very good example in excellent condition, working order £21

62.       Huge vinyl finish poster - Superman Returns "July 14", Warner Brothers - 90" x 56" £10

63.       22 modern collector's plates - Gone With The Wind, Little Women, Paris, Puss In Boots etc, many with certificates £12

64.       3 old boxed "Victory" jigsaw puzzles £17

65.       Quantity of laminated dinosaur posters, good quantity of Fairy prints (2 designs), also Dartmoor pony prints (one framed) by Glenda Poe and 13 mixed framed prints £10

66.       1944 US Army Para-Map (night map) for Parachutists in a French drop-zone - "Secret", folded and rather worn, with a 1940 Report on Morale (single sheet) and photocopies of Great War postcards £45

67.       Quantity of model vehicles, mostly modern, Stobart etc £9

68.       Chess set, modern clocks, various glass pots, dog figures, biscuit barrel, jugs etc - 2 boxes £12

69.       2 boxes of steins, 3 Wedgwood pieces, teapot, rose bowl, plates etc £26

70.       Framed 1717 portrait, 5 modern spelter type figures and 2 ornate candlesticks £32

71.       Quantity of modern film posters - Species, Meet Joe Black, Twisted, Balto, What Dreams May Come Of £20

72.       Modern pine blanket box, top a little marked £20

73.       Modern pine blanket box £30

74.       Modern Silent Night 2 drawer cabinet £5

75.       Metal 3 tier computer stand £7

76.       Modern pine kitchen table and 4 chairs £10

77.       Silver plated 6 bottle condiment £24

78.       Ornate silver plated coffee pot and small decorative oil lamp £15

79.       Ornate plated trinket box and 3 modern cloisonne vases Reserve £9 £21

80.       Ornate cased terracotta tea set £10

81.       2 Babycham glasses, a small bottle of Babycham, bottle opener, large ashtray and 2 Player ashtrays Reserve £10 £12

82.       Silver gated bracelet, ring and necklace, 4 coloured stones £26

83.       2 bracelets, pendant and ring with turquoise stones £30

84.       Lord of the Rings chessboard and pieces and a figure of Odin & Frigg £36

85.       Ornate dressing table mirror, moulded glass vase (slight chip to base) and 2 Bosson wall plaques Reserve £ 15 £17

86.       Vintage Chinese silk coat, woven chrysanthemum pattern of pale pink and lemon Reserve £20 £25

87.       Waltham Dennison USA pocketwatch £55

88.       La Suisse Historique J. Muller 1925 Whist cards, 53 in total, attractive and well designed, in excellent condition £16

89.       Silver fob chain marked HP 1909 (28 gms) and a 1930s silver expanding watch strap (9 gms) £35

90.       Good collection of cigarette cards - see photo, list provided £36

91.       Good quantity of Typhoo tea cards including Shakespeare characters, British Birds and their eggs, Wonder Cities of the World £6

92.       Strider ST4 mobility scooter, charger and key, batteries may need replacing £85

93.       Wartime helmet, Reserve £25 £40

94.       Military bag, bad weather gloves and enamel mug, Reserve £25 £

95.       2 wartime respirators, Reserve £25 £30

Final update 8.55am

Bidding closed 9.00am

Final results above



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Each sale we conduct can be viewed during an on-site preview normally on the previous day of the sale and on the actual morning of the sale. Alternatively, details of selected items will appear on this website.


If you cannot attend a sale in person you can leave a commission, or “absentee” bid with a member of staff.


Payment terms at Churchgate Auctions are as per the requirements of the individual sale (please contact us for further details).

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